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Addenbrooke's Hospital - Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Addenbrooke's Hospital provides ophthalmic services to the population of Cambridge and its surrounding district. In addition it has a number of highly specialized clinics devoted to particular types of eye disease which attract patients from around the United Kingdom and world wide. This enables research in these topics to be undertaken within the Addenbrooke's University Hospital campus.

Addenbrooke's Hospital is a key part of the Cambridge National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre and profits from close collaborations with a number of basic and applied science departments. The Addenbrooke's site boasts Cancer Research UK, Medical Research Council, Glaxo Smith Kline, National Institute of Health Research as well as Wellcome Trust and University of Cambridge research laboratories. There are also independent research institutions such as the Sanger Centre and the Babraham Research Institute in close proximity. This biomedical campus is the UK's most successful medical research enterprise, being home to the monoclonal antibody, the first protein sequence and structure as well as 14 Nobel prizes from the LMB alone.

If you need to have more information about an eye problem please go to Addenbrookes Hospital , ophthalmology clinic , patient information (here). There you will find an array of information leaflets covering all the major eye conditions.

Glaucoma Research

Professor Keith Martin has research programmes in the on-site Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair. Projects include numerous studies on the mechanisms of retinal ganglion cell death in glaucoma and the development of new treatment approaches. The senior post-docs, research fellows and PhD students in the lab are also engaged in stem cell research to protect and repair........Read More...

Paediatric Research

Louise AllenTony VivianMs Louise Allen is an associate lecturer at the University of Cambridge. In conjunction with Dr Adar Pelah, a lecturer in electronic engineering at the Universities of Cambridge and York she has developed and patented a novelmethods for performing visual field examination in young children using the........Read More...

Medical Retina Research

Jong OngThe trust's medical retina experts are Mr Jong Ong and Mr Doug Newman. The main area of research in the medical retina group has been into neovascular macular degeneration. Addenbrooke's was a site for the national PDT cohort study which investigated verteporfin photodynamic therapy. We are currently a site for the IVAN study which is assessing ranibizumab vs bevacizumab and different.......Read More...

Trainees' Research

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Nicholas SarkiesNick Sarkies current research interest within neuro-ophthalmology is (1) the management of intra -cranial hypertension and (2) Pineal tumour surgery and ophthalmic features....... Read More...

Corneal Research

Prof Madhavan Rajan is a corneal and cataract surgeon with research interests in cornea, cataract and anterior segment disorders of the eye. Professor Rajan undertakes his research at the Vision and Eye Research Unit (VERU) at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and his collaborators include Professor Roger Buckley and Stem cell scientists at Life sciences. He has recently developed a novel way of pre-conditioning human donor........Read More...

Vitreoretinal Research

Martin SneadAlthough retinal detachment contributes nearly 500 new blind registrations in the UK each year, in contrast to many other sight-threatening retinal disorders, sight loss from retinal detachment is potentially avoidable with a better understanding of the mechanisms putting individual patients at high risk. It is a popular public misconception that most retinal detachment is the result of trauma. In fact this is rarely the case........Read More...

Medical Ophthalmology Research

Dr Paul Meyer is a consultant medical ophthalmologist whose main research has been into novel means of imaging the anterior microcirculation to assess better the inflammatory conditions he sees in his clinical practice. He is also conducting a trial into the use of antibiotics as adjunctive therapy for thyroid eye disease. Further interests include diagnosis of lymphoma and the peri-operative management of.......Read More...

Plastic Surgery Research

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