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Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium

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The Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium

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For the past 44 years, Cambridge has hosted an annual eye symposium attracting top international experts to discuss and debate the latest developments in clinical eye research.

Each year a different area of disease becomes the focus and a new international expert is chosen as chairman.

45th Annual Symposium: Light

2015 has been designated by the United Nations as the "Year of Light" so the symposium this year will take Light as its theme.

Professor John Marshall The Symposium will be chaired by Professor John Marshall

The recent underlying advances of the physics and the effect of light on the physiology of the eye will be discussed in detail together with the use of light in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. New researches in physics and engineering may show the way ahead in possible major advances in surgery and investigation of ocular disorders

44th Annual Symposium: Ocular Motility

The 44th Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium took place in the Divinity School, St Johns College on 4-5 September 2014. The meeting was chaired by Mr Anthony Vivian and Mr Michael Clarke and saw international experts come together to discuss challenges within the field of Ocular Motility. The Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium is a two day residential meeting which brings together basic scientists and clinicians to discuss a topic in detail. The aim is provide both groups with the opportunity to interact within and outside the meeting so that those involved in basic science research can hear the views of clinicians and equally the clinicians can come to understand the basic science behind their practice. The 2014 meeting was a great success, with lively dialogue throughout and a capacity audience of over 140 participants. The proceedings will be published in the Journal Eye in the near future.

43rd Annual Symposium: Refractive Error

The topic chosen for the 2013 symposium was Refractive Error. The chairman was Brien Holden of the University of Sydney Australia. The increasingly common practice of changing the corneal shape to correct refractive errors has thrown up many associated problems so that the whole of the process of refractive change needs to be reviewed in detail. This symposium will examine the genetics, the life style and structural components of refractive changes to ensure that the best treatment options are available to all.

42nd Annual Symposium: Cancer and the Eye

For the 2012 symposium, Professor Bertil Damato, a cancer specialist from Liverpool has been elected as chairman. He will be leading discussions aimed at furthering our understanding of the pathophysiology of eye tumors and how the latest research developments can be applied clinically to help patients diagnosed with cancer.

41st Annual Symposium: Ocular infection.

Prof John Dart of Moorfields Eye Hospital chaired a very successful meeting on ocular infection in September 2011. Speakers travelled from San Francisco, Boston, Florida, Japan, France, India, Australia and Africa for the two-day residential meeting at St John's College. Data contrasting American and British best practice in treating eye infections identified mutual lessons each country could learn from the other. Professor Dart also presented data on the injection of antibiotic into the eye during cataract surgery and his recommendations have already been widely adopted.

Scientific Organizers

Mr Peter Watson 1970 - 1996
Prof Tony Moore 1996 - 2001
Mr Martin Snead 2001 - 2009
Prof Keith Martin and Mr Martin Snead 2010 - now

The proceedings are published. All the papers delivered at the first and the subsequent meeting were published as an edition of The British Journal of Ophthalmology by permission of the Editor Sir Stewart Duke Elder. The current proceedings are published in "Eye" the scientific journal of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.