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Recent Projects Supported

Inkjet printing of retinal cells

The Trust provided pilot project funding for this project which received much recent press interest:
- BBC Article
- Independant article
- Daily Mail article
- Biofabrication

Towards stem cell treatments for glaucoma

Recent work from Keith Martin's lab, supported by the Trust, has revealed new pathways by which stem cells could possibly aid the future treatment of glaucoma. Further Reading...

Retinal Detachment - what your granny taught you or what your granny gave you?

Many genes in the human body are read or "spliced" in different ways by different cells. This ingenious mechanism allows a single gene to produce a variety of subtly different types of protein in different cells according.......

Read More: Here

Press Coverage (links below):

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- The Independent

Cambridge Eye Trust

The Cambridge Eye Trust is an independent registered charity devoted to the prevention of blindness through the promotion of excellence in patient care, research and the continuing education of those involved in the treatment of eye disease


 A retinal cell within the bubble of an inkjetGFP labeled muller stem cells regenerating axons in the retina of a rat with experimental glaucoma

In work sponsored by the Cambridge Eye Trust Prof Keith Martin's team have used inkjet printing technology to successfully print cells from the adult retina for the very first time. The group are developing this technology, aiming to find new ways to repair the retina in diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. ...More...

Patient care
The university and hospital departments treat all the sub-specialties of ophthalmology and work together with the related departments within Addenbrooke's University Hospitals. In addition the department is the national referral centre for the diagnosis of the potentially blinding Sticker's Syndrome. More...

Prophylactic cryotherapy to the periphery of the retina to prevent the formation of a giant retinal tear

Prophylactic cryotherapy to the periphery of the retina to prevent the formation of a giant retinal tear in a patient with Stickler's Syndrome

Corneal Blindness Campaign

Corneal Blindness Campaign
A fund raising project by the 'Cambridge Eye Trust' to support Innovation and research in human corneal transplantation to cure corneal blindness

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